Four Tips to Protect Your Roof From an Expert Roofing Contractor

Protect Your Roof

How much is your roof worth? In many cases, more than a new car. While our rooftops are often out of sight and mind, a leaky one gets our attention pretty quickly. Here are some tips from an expert roofing contractor on keeping that roof maintained, protecting not just what’s covering your home, but the stuff underneath it as well.

Keep Gutters Clean

Roof maintenance can be conveniently timed to coincide with when you are cleaning your gutters. When gutters are left uncleared, water can work its way into your roofing, rotting the materials. To prevent damage that can run you thousands of dollars, schedule gutter cleaning every fall and spring.

Trim Back the Branches

Next, look for any branches hanging over your roof. It’s a good idea to occasionally have these trimmed back, as they can cause problems. For example, if a large branch breaks off during a storm and lands on the roof, it could easily cause damage. You should trim back the branches whenever they get too big or long to protect not only your roof but also your windows and power lines.

Visually Inspect Regularly

Schedule time to occasionally walk around your house and visually inspect your roof, especially after high winds. You will be checking for missing or damaged shingles, general signs of wear and tear, and whether your flashing is solid. Looking out for rodent and pest damage should also be a regular part of your visual inspection, with shredding and rotting being common telltale signs.

Remove Leaves & Moss

If you have tall trees near your roof, leaves could accumulate on top. These leaves trap moisture, leading to decomposition or, in the worst-case scenario, weed growth. Using a roof leaf rake or garden hose is a couple of ways you can remove the leaves, but avoid using a pressure washer.

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